Do I need a dance partner ?

Singles are welcome and we have an optional mixer dance or two during the evening. We encourage all dancers to mingle and invite others to dance during the evening. Ladies can also ask!

Do I need to be a very good dancer?

Dancers of all abilities attend our social dances and sometimes you will find someone will to give you a little bit of help. 

Attempting to teach a dance partner to dance new complex dance patterns is not in good taste at a social dance.

What is the entry fee?

A $14.00 fee per person is payable by cash at the door.

Members receive a discounted price of $12.00

Memberships are $15.00 and are sold in January or at a dance during the 9:45 break. The membership price applies at the following dance.

The dance runs rain or shine and will only be cancelled for very extreme weather conditions. Sign up for email and newsletter alerts to receive the latest news!

What type of dances wil be played ?

Our bands are hired to play a variety of dance genres.

During the band break, other music will be played quietly to allow dancers to try out their other skills in dances not offered by the band that evening. The music will be played softly to allow guests to visit and hold conversations easily.

Is there parking ?

There is a free parking lot and street parking close by.

What is the dress code ?

No runners, soiled or unkept attire.

You can wear comfortable clothing that will keep you cool during the evening. Of course, if you are wanting to dress up please do!

What time do the dances run?

Our doors and our bar are open at 6:30 pm. The band starts at 7:30 pm, has 2 breaks at 8:30 and 9:45 pm and finishes at 11:00 pm. 

May i bring my own snack and drink ?

Our cash only licensed bar offers pop, water and alcohol. Outside food, beverages and To Go cups are strictly prohibited.